The Voice of Manufacturing Business

The Voice of Manufacturing Business brings together the supply chain and increases  opportunities to connect with specialised innovative companies that are located within the CEE and the UK. We network experts in the field of Manufacturing, including all areas if innovation, technology, R&D and production. We bring the network together to promote opportunities for manufacturing companies and help development your business and opportunites within our network.

A Network for professionals

Our network brings you the complete introduction to the Manufacturing in the Region. We have industry experts that educate and inform you and your company on opportunity and we help you find information that you will need. From key speakers and economic experts to business leaders and specialists in the Automotive sector.

Manufacturing at your doorstep

No need to travel  to meet your connections, just follow them on our powerful portal. When you do want to meet your potential partners join us in our trade missions and selection of events. Make sure that you are part of this incredible network

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