What main factors make Slovak market to be attractive for investors from HR point of view?
Compared to neighbouring markets V4 (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland), Slovakia still keeps the highest unemployment rate 9,42% (Poland 8,6%, Czech Republic 5% and Hungary 4,7%). Continuous tradition of diversified secondary school system with increasing ratio of dual system projects preparing future specialists for the market.

The strong technical background and tradition in various kinds of industry, mainly mechanical and electrical engineering, since first wave of investments in 1999 also automotive industry. The average salary from countries of V4 is the 3rd lowest one approximately 902 EUR.

  • The infrastructure of highways that will have connected eastern with western part and northern with southern part of Slovakia by 2022 and provide even higher mobility of Slovak workforce.

Pros of Investments in Slovakia
Slovakia has an experienced and skilled workforce – long-term manufacturing tradition, automotive production since early 90s. Attractive job opportunities for high school and university graduates as well as for experienced  employees mainly from automotive and mechanical  engineering sector from all over Slovakia.

  • There is a key presence of R&D centres in Slovakia – valuable sources  of experts. Fast growing dual educational system to support qualified labour flow. Attractive ratio  between labour price and qualified labour.

Slovakia 9th position in the world regarding adapting new technologies and high-innovation potential. Continuously improving  infrastructure, building of new highways connecting Slovakia from East to West by 2022, supporting commuting of workforce, transport of supplies or finished goods.

Slovakia is a member of all important international structures like  EU, NATO and OECD. By OECD the Slovak workforce belongs among 10 top most hardworking and performing along with USA or Japan. Euro currency – businesses in Slovakia will not loose money on exchanging currency. State support for new investments, stable and safe country, politically secure country.