• Network growth – to create and extend your network

    Network growth – to create and extend your network

  • Become a key opinion leader and raise brand awareness

    Become a key opinion leader and raise brand awareness

  • Prospect engagement - quantify & track who is interested in your services & products

    Prospect engagement - quantify & track who is interested in your services & products

The Voice of Business –
is an industry focused unique communications & business development group.

We provide independent, high-level strategic advice & professional service support to leading multinational industrial businesses, industry and professional interest groups, associations & public bodies. Corporate goal conscious, our methodical long term view approach ensures that our clients messages are progressively delivered to the target audience, as and when most appropriate, in a language understood by recipients. We specialise in working with our customers to formulate and execute both internal and external communications strategies that complement their overarching business and marketing goals. Partnering with our clients nurtures our in-depth understanding of their business model and pain points allowing us to get messages across powerfully and efficiently to target audiences.

We help you –
ensure a sustainable healthy business using special tools & techniques

Our best practice approaches to social selling, building a strong network of prospects, and quantifying buying interest, while simultaneously lowering workload.
Learn: What social selling is, the value of a strong online personal profile, and how to become a Key Opinion Leader amongst your target market.

We address Key Sales Pain Points: Simplifying how your teams to generate new, qualified leads
How to boost productivity while cutting down on time spent cold contacting.
Shifting the paradigm –  getting customers to come to you rather than chasing them.

The Three Key Challenges of Business development:

Network growth –
Create and extend your network of potentially interested customers

Become a key opinion leader –
With consistent social engagement with valuable, thought-provoking content to build your brand visibly.

Prospect engagement –
Quantify and track who is potentially interested in your services & products and engage with them when they are ready to buy.

Business Development Services
Starting the conversation, the hardest thing to do!

  • Content Production / Article research / Producing dynamic content
    Curating content about your industry and creating articles/posts about your business (general info, case studies, announcements, etc)

  • Lead Generation:
    Database Creation, E-mail support, reporting, Cold calling services

  • Targeting contact development and Automated network growth via connections via linked In
    Using personal linkedin accounts to directly grow your network with your target market.
    Providing relevant, interesting content to your network to promote you and your company as KOL’s with your industry.   Maintaining constant engagement with your network to make sure you’re visible and memorable.

  • Automated social media posting
    Providing relevant, interesting content to your network to promote you and your company as KOL’s with your industry. Maintaining constant engagement with your network to make sure you’re visible and memorable.

    Providing relevant, interesting content to your network to promote you and your company as KOL’s with your industry.   Maintaining constant engagement with your network to make sure you’re visible and memorable.

  • Website Tracking (analytics)
    Measuring which companies are visiting your website and how long they’re spending on each page. This enables you to quantify the success of brand and network automation, and provides insight into potential hot leads to chase.

  • Account-based content sponsoring
    IP-tracking based ad sponsoring for companies you want to target. Enables you to maintain constant visibility to your target market even when they’re not engaging with your company/website

  • Social Media Campaign Design & Management
    Best practice techniques on how to boost social branding and engage in effective social selling tactics which promote you company’s key people as Key Opinion leaders and drive business to your company

  • Social Media & Business Development Training Workshops
    Bringing the training workshops to you and your team. In house training.

  • Design & Graphics and Advertising – We provide the highest level of digital production for communication

  • Events: We provide all types of event services, such as Conferences, Seminars, Roundtable and B2B Style meetings including all planning & coordination

How we and our Partners can help you:

Services for Foreign Investors into new markets with our partners
We offer the following services to help make sure your investment is properly examined and realised


  • Preparation and time planning
  • Examining and understanding information from the market and business environment for your company in Slovakia
  • Reviewing relevant business sector networks
  • Introduction to legal & taxation issues and service providers and country experts
  • Review of support and financial opportunities for your business in Slovakia


  • Presentation / information of ideal locations
  • Search and location selection including Government advice
  • Project related location criteria development
  • Introduction to real estate companies and identification / overview of suitable commercial properties
  • Networking with local partners
  • Organising site visits
  • Contacts to the relevant support institutions


  • Coordination with project partners and helping choose partners
  • Organising contacts with service providers
  • Human resources issues; assistance from Slovak Government & recruitment agencies
  • Introduction, contact and support to financing partners and organisations
  • Communication with authorities and local Governmental agencies
  • Design, planning and business strategy


  • Designing your business strategy to grow your business, new customers, new services and suppliers
  • Information from our databases of companies within Slovakia and the surrounding CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) area
  • Helping you expand business into the CEE
  • Reviewing information on trade shows, international events and researching and developing potential for your business
  • Growing your network, information on the events to attend in Slovakia and which business networks and Chambers of Commerce you should become members of
  • Invitations to networking events and information about events held by our partner

For business that would like to export services or products into a foreign market
We offer the following services to help your business into foreign markets:


  • Business Advisory and introduction Services
  • We chose the right market entry strategy for your business
  • We have the right contact to business networks
  • Marketing services to make sure your company looks the part


  • Building awareness in foreign markets
  • Looking at the business opportunities in foreign markets .
  • Presentations, workshops and training to understand foreign markets
  • Online Promotion through Social Media directly into foreign markets


  • Join in with our foreign market Roadshows and events
  • We Identify companies and sectors ideal for your business
  • Matchmaking opportunity with the right partners and businesses



  • Business development strategy for expansion
  • Growing and developing the market
  • Using our high level connections to bring your business further


The Voice of Business is the go to place for foreign direct investment into the CEE, Ireland and the United Kingdom.
Together with the most influential businesses we are here to help you and your business find out more localised information and to understand the potential, best practices and the best partners to work with.

Our service is efficient, confidential and effective!


You are a foreign business that would like to invest into the CEE, Ireland or the United Kingdom. You are probably new to the market and need to have some well informed help and advice to avoid making any mistakes. We illustrate important case studies and give you the help you
need by introducing you to the partners that can give you any further advice or services paramount to your business.

We provide bespoke business development services and events to help your business meet the best partners and enter the market as seamlessly as possible.

  • VOB welcome