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We are proud to announce the next destination for THE AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY CHAIN ROADSHOW 2017/18Opportunity in Central & Eastern Europe. Following on from our very successful roadshow in Birmingham, UK. We are on the road again and will be visiting you very soon. The roadshow continues on 28th and 30th November in Dusseldorf and Munich, Germany.
Working together with our partners, we are bringing together experts from Central and Eastern Europe in a bid to promote the increasing opportunities and growth of Original Equipment Manufacturers and the development of specialised innovative companies that are located within the CEE.
Recently the decision was made by Tata Motor’s, Jaguar Land Rover to expand to Central & Eastern Europe to manufacture luxury sport vehicles, it may have been a surprise to many people in the UK and the West Midlands, however in automotive terms, JLR left it quite late to commit to the CEE considering many other OEMs have been building high level automobiles in eastern Europe for many, many years. As the Daily Telegraph reported, “Central and eastern Europe’s car industry, once associated with building and selling unreliable clunkers, has become an industrial byword for the region’s wider economic rise. It has replaced the inefficiency and low standards of Soviet-era manufacturing with some of the most modern and productive plants in Europe.
As the OEMs move into and enlarge production in Central and Eastern Europe, the automotive supply chain also grows at a terrific pace making many new opportunities in the market. As OEMs push on supplier locality as the most important criteria for them to consider, Tier 1, 2 and other suppers need to move / stay close to the ever expanding Automotive giants. Logistic costs have a direct impact on the price of each part so being local cuts those costs. OEMS are offering positions on local supplier parks and expect their suppliers to move to these locations to support. This not only leads to new companies setting up business in the CEE but it also has a very direct effect on the local counties economy and of course labour. Employment costs are slowly rising and the lack of workers is seen to be of concern to business locally. These and many others are just some of the discussion points we have raised at our roadshow.
We invite you to join this roadshow and our network including experts in the field of automotive innovation, management, development and production. Come and hear about the latest opportunities within Automotive and grow your business connections and increase outreach to business. Our events are niche, comfortable, beneficial and presented in a very professional form bring bringing you close to your peers and our presenters. We believe that a friendly environment with a limited audience is key to the success of the event and your networking.
The key aspects of our Roadshow:
  • Hear from expert speakers in Automotive
  • Expand business opportunities and connections
  • Learn about opportunity in the CEE
  • OEM growth & development across the region
  • The future of the Automotive Supply Chain
  • Network with CEE Automotive companies
  • Case Studies from CEE Business
  • B2B Meetings
  • Panel of experts in our Automotive Forum
  • Hear case studies from business from Central & Eastern Europe
  • Join us for special networking sessions and our after event drinks reception to end the day.
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Bratislava, Slovakia
Prague, Czech Republic
Coventry, United Kingdom

Budapest, Hungary
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