Slovakia is a country with a long-term and strong tradition in industry, mostly in engineering and electrical engineering.

The fact that big international corporations (including the well-known car manufacturers and automotive contractors) have built their factories here, proves that Slovakia has not only a strategic location within the Central Europe but also a stable environment and qualified labor that proves the quality also in research and development processes. And it is the research, development and the following implementation of innovative solutions for needs of industrial practice in particular that is the domain of CEIT,  a reliable partner for strong industrial players in an implementation of technical and process innovations.

Mr Boris Duľa, CEO and Chairman of the Board of CEIT explained why the Slovak market might be a strong partner in Europe and why CEIT is an important player:

A unique position right in the heart of Europe, a stable economic and political environment, creativity, expertise and diligence of local people, economic growth, huge investment and business potential, innovation potential – all these are the factors which speak in favor of Slovak market in multinational context.

Innovations are of great importance for every company, which wants to move forward, develop and succeed in the tough competition. Slovakia is the place, where, thanks to our smart people, unique innovations and excellent technologies for the industry are born. They have huge potential abroad. As leaders in the field of industrial innovations we believe, that “The Slovak Voice of Business” is the platform through which this potential can be turned into real projects with British partners.

As an example, our mobile robotic systems have generated a progressive automation of internal logistics in modern factories. We also specialize in Digital Factories technologies as digitalization forms a basis of future smart manufacturing systems. We help other companies in streamlining and simplifying the processes, we cooperate with them in their own products development and we constantly develop new technologies and practices that contribute to a sustainable growth of the industry.

Within an industrial environment the term Industry 4.0 is now being frequently talked about. It is coming from abroad and that brings up a number of questions. Industrial manufacturers operating in Slovakia are looking for a way to join this trend. CEIT develops its own approach to the concept of Industry 4.0, and brings very specific solutions for streamlining the production and logistics processes; how to collect and process data; how to optimise, digitise and automate. We have become a sought-after and stable partner for innovation and innovative solutions reflecting current and future trends.