Nessians at the Automotive Supply Chain Roadshow

Nessians at the conference Automotive Supply Chain Roadshow in Birmingham The presentation was held on March 20 – 21 under the wings of organization The Voice of Slovak Business. Its main goal was to promote and enhance business relations and initiatives between Slovakia and Great Britain. The conference was attended by renowned logos such as Jaguar/Land Rover, Grant Thorton, Gefco, SARIO, Tatrabanka, CEIT. Ness led by Pete Rogers, (General Manager Europe, Ness Digital Engineering), Tomáš Futáš (Program Director, Ness KDC) and Rudolf Slávka (Senior Development Manager, Ness KDC) presented the newest software trends and solutions from the automotive area focusing on digital maps, autonomous driving and telematics. Rudolf Slávka, Senior Development […]

Automotive Supply Chain Roadshow, DAY TWO / 21 March 2017

The Voice of Slovak Business proudly presents the Automotive Supply Chain Roadshow 2017 in Birmingham, March 20th-21st After a very nice breakfast provided again by our Headline Partner Grant Thornton we were ready to begin, Day 2 would be a very relaxed affair with audience participation and a very open set of discussions. PART 6: THE SLOVAK AUTOMOTIVE MARKET – Automotive Forum on Slovakia Mr Plant again opened the day’s proceedings and talked a little about the activities that The Voice of Slovak Business was able to provide and a little more about our Headline and Strategic partners and recapped Day 1. First up was the open discussion based on State […]

Automotive Supply Chain Roadshow, DAY ONE / 20 March 2017

The Voice of Slovak Business proudly presents the Automotive Supply Chain Roadshow 2017 in Birmingham, March 20th-21st Day one: March 20th This eagerly anticipated event had been in the making since the end of 2016, following on from many back to back successful events in the Slovak Republic on the Automotive Sector that The Voice of Slovak Business and Managing Director Mr Christopher Plant had been involved in. Mr Plant and the team enlisted key speakers from Jaguar Land Rover, Mr Graham Thompsett and Mr Les Ratcliffe and a plethora of Headline and Strategic Partners. There was a very strong delegation from the Slovak Republic including Headline Partner Grant Thornton […]

Waste Management best practise that Slovakia can be proud of

The setting up of an efficient and ecological waste management system has always been a burning topic attracting a lot of attention and interest not only in the European Union but also in the Slovak Republic. (Picture: KOSIT Incinerator in Košice, Slovakia) Marián Christenko, CEO at KOSIT a.s. shared his view on the top trends and best practise that Slovakia is a leader in the region and a strong partner in Europe: ”We firmly believe that companies operating on the Slovak market have already gained extensive experience that can be offered to foreign investors, which is why we consider “The Voice of Slovak Business“ a project developed in cooperation with SARIO such an efficient […]

What does Slovakia offer business and how is CEIT part of this great incentive

Slovakia is a country with a long-term and strong tradition in industry, mostly in engineering and electrical engineering. The fact that big international corporations (including the well-known car manufacturers and automotive contractors) have built their factories here, proves that Slovakia has not only a strategic location within the Central Europe but also a stable environment and qualified labor that proves the quality also in research and development processes. And it is the research, development and the following implementation of innovative solutions for needs of industrial practice in particular that is the domain of CEIT,  a reliable partner for strong industrial players in an implementation of technical and process innovations. Mr Boris Duľa, CEO and […]