We are proud to announce THE VOICE OF AUTOMOTIVE BUSINESS, a new partnership with Grant Thornton.

Following on from our immensely popular and successful first Supply Chain Roadshow 2017 in Birmingham, UK and from this fantastic initiative our partners at Grant Thornton are investing into a project that will likely take the Roadshow into Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary.

The Voice of Automotive Business are currently putting together key business partners for The Supply Chain Roadshow 2017/18. We are working with Strategic Partners that have firstly a CEE presence and have the experience to inform a European and CEE Automotive supply chain audience on opportunity and case studies regarding Automotive in central and eastern Europe.

Our management team has been involved in webinars, promotions and events connected with the Automotive market over the last years. The last event was held as recently as March in Birmingham, UK. It was a great success and we have excellent feedback from it. We had an array of case study speakers as well as colleagues from JLR also presenting and attending. Over 75 delegates attending. (see out past events.

What is the The Voice of Automotive Business?

We bring together experts from Central and Eastern Europe in a bid to help educate the automotive supply chain and to discuss and understand increasing opportunities in the CEE. To meet and hear from specialist innovative companies that are located within the CEE with a connection to Western Europe. In an effort to network with experts in the field of automotive innovation, management, development and production we bring the supply chain network together to promote opportunities within Automotive and to develop business and create a complete European Automotive network.

In short we are hosting business development events across Europe and Central and Eastern Europe over the next year with our partner Grant Thornton and other high level headline and strategic partners and many other organisations. Many influential companies will be taking, part providing key speakers on Automotive subjects and an overview of the CEE market including macroeconomic information to help business develop more business with the opportunities that lay ahead in automotive in Central and Eastern Europe.

What benefits could your business partners get from participation?

  • to further develop international business opportunities
  • to meet some of the best automotive suppliers in europe and the CEE
  • to demonstrate their experience in the market
  • be associated with a core group of highly successful businesses taking part
  • confirm their company as a leading partner in the automotive market

What exactly is agenda of the event?

We are looking forward to announcing this exciting agenda soon.
Please see our outline agenda – info from our last roadshow event in Birmingham, UK.
The key speaker information from the Birmingham event. The agenda is currently in design and will be based on the type of content above however with the theme Central & Eastern Europe Automotive Supply Chain..

There will be 5 headline partners and we are in discussions currently with these leading companies and they will be announced very soon.

These are our CEE Experts, innovative and cutting edge Automotive Supply Chain Leaders in the CEE Market

We are looking forward to welcoming an array of partners including the OSTEUROPAVERIEN (The Eastern Europe Business Association of Germany) who have joined us to help promote the event in Germany and around the CEE.

More information will be announced on our website soon.